Matlab 2017a Full in Windows

What’s new in Matlab 2017a


• Edit a figure interactively including title, labels, legend, and other annotations
• Get suggestions for mistyped commands and variables
• Copy live script outputs to other applications
• Hover over variables to see their current value
• Add-On Explorer: Discover and install File Exchange submissions hosted on GitHub in Add-On Explorer
• MATLAB Online: Access MATLAB through your web browser
Language and Programming
• string Arrays: Create string arrays using double quotes
• missing Function: Assign missing values in core data types, including double, datetime,<code<categorical<> and string arrays</code<categorical<>
• issortedrows Function: Determine if matrix and table rows are sorted
• sort and sortrows Functions: Specify options for sorting complex numbers and placing missing elements
• issorted Function: Query sort order with monotonic, strictly monotonic, strictly ascending, and strictly descending options


• heatmap Function: Visualize table or matrix data as a heatmap
• legend Function: Create legends that update when data is added to or removed from the axes
• Categorical Plotting: Use categorical data in common plotting functions and customize axes with categorical rulers
• histogram Function: Plot histograms of datetime and duration data

Data Import and Export

• datastore and tabularTextDatastore Functions: Automatically detect and return date and time data in text files​
• Import Tool: Import strings and categorical arrays interactively
• detectImportOptions Function: Control import properties of fixed-width text files
• RESTful web services: Support for PUT and DELETE HTTP methods in webread, webwrite, and websave​​​

Data Analysis

• tall Arrays: Operate on tall arrays with more functions, including ismember, sort, conv, and moving statistics functions
• isoutlier and filloutliers Functions: Detect and replace outliers in an array or table
• smoothdata Function: Smooth noisy data in an array or table with filtering or local regression
• summary Function: Calculate summary statistics and variable information in tables and timetables
• movmad and movprod Functions: Compute moving median absolute deviation and moving product of an array
• bounds Function: Simultaneously determine the smallest and largest elements of an array
• fillmissing Function: Replace missing data in an array or table using moving mean or moving median option

App Building

• Learn to build apps using an interactive tutorial
• Zoom and pan plots
• Configure columns of a table to automatically fill the entire width of the table
• Manage common design-time settings using the Preferences dialog box


• Execution Engine: Improved performance for setting MATLAB object properties
• save Function: Save MAT v7.3 files without compression for improved performance on some storage devices
• memoize Function: Cache results of a function to avoid rerunning when called with the same inputs
• Scripts: Improved performance of scripts with lower script overhead
• try, catch Block: Improved performance of try blocks with lower execution overhead

Hardware Support

• Arduino: Read from quadrature encoders
• Arduino: Wirelessly connect to Arduino MKR1000 board over WiFi
Advanced Software Development
• Object Properties: Validate object property values by their type, size, shape, or other parameters​​
• Mocking Framework: Isolate a portion of a system to test by imitating behavior of dependent components
• Unit Testing Framework: Capture screenshots and figures generated during tests using TestReportPlugin​
• Unit Testing Framework: Control runtests function with debug, strict, and verbosity options​
• Performance Testing Framework: View statistics from test measurements with the sampleSummary method

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